Every parent knows that kids can cause problems, and of course, you must forgive them. But, it doesn't mean that sometimes the problem will cost you money. If you have a house full of kids this summer, you want to make sure that you put some preventative measures in place to keep your pipes in good shape.


Sometimes, adopting new habits is easier when you're a kid, so you must teach your kids a few simple behaviors if they are inadvertently causing problems with your pipes. Continue reading below to find out three tips for preventing your kids from clogging the pipes. If you need some residential or commercial plumbing in Vallejo, professionals will have you covered.


Put Baskets in Drains


If your kids are like most kids, then they're probably dirty. Because your kids play outside all day, finger painting and doing all sorts of other fun stuff, they will most likely be washing their hands frequently. Not to mention kids don't often consider the result of their actions. You can prevent your kids from clogging up the pipes by adding a basket in the drain. These will prevent mud and dirt from clogging up the drain and other items like bandages, toys, and floss. If there is a serious problem, call for professional plumbing in Vallejo.


Add Footstools Around Sinks


A common problem that some parents run into is loose faucets. A great way that you can combat this is by adding footstools in your bathroom and kitchen or wherever you have a sink. If you do not have a footstool, then your children, who may not be able to reach the faucet, are going to reach and pull. Over time this can loosen the faucet and eventually lead to deterioration and malfunction. By simply adding a footstool, you prevent your kids from pulling on the faucets because they will be able to reach them fine. For something more significant, call a professional to also help with sewer line repairs in Vallejo.


Remove Tissues & Wipes from Bathroom


Kids often think that because tissue and paper towels look like toilet paper, they can also go down the drain. The problem is that the only thing that should be going down your toilet is toilet paper. Toilet paper is specifically designed to deteriorate and flow through your pipes smoothly. If you want to prevent your kids from adding tissue or paper towels into the toilet bowl, just don't keep it in the bathroom.


While some piping problems you can prevent yourself, sometimes it is essential to take precautions for other household members. It is good to put some practices in place to prevent problems from arising with your piping. By adding baskets into your drains, putting footstools near the sinks, and removing tissues or wipes from the bathroom or kitchen, you can be sure that you will have fewer problems. It's also handy to have a plumber on speed dial. They can help with many issues, including water heater installation, as Vallejo plumbers are multi-skilled.


December 10, 2021


Ron Burris
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