Leaking pipes in the home or office can waste water, encourage unwanted organism growth, and damage the building. Unfortunately, most pipe works are not noticeable, and homeowners may only notice when there is a leak.

In that case, a plumber is needed, but plumbing repairs can be pretty expensive, especially commercial plumbing in Vallejo. To avoid this in the future, it is essential to protect the home or office against leaks. One effective way to do that is by understanding the common causes of leaking pipes. Here are a few common causes of leaking pipes to note.

Damaged Pipe Joints

The weakest point in a pipeline is often where the pipes connect. Over time, pipe joints may deteriorate due to pressure, which causes leaks. Unfortunately, homeowners may not notice this early because most pipe joints are not easily visible. Noisy pipes that make a banging or ticking noise, especially when the hot water is turned on, indicate pipe joint issues. It is best to have a plumber evaluate the issue when such is noticed. It is also essential to examine the plumbing system at least once a year.

Clogged Lines

Clogged lines are among the most common reasons for leaking pipes. Clogged drains can be pretty inconvenient and lead to burst pipes or overflowing. For instance, obstructions in hitters or air handler drain pans often cause serious water damage. It can also lead to severe sewer line repairs in Vallejo. Keeping the HVAC systems and gutters clean can always help to prevent serious clogs.


Corrosion is a crucial problem that causes leaking pipes in the home or office. When a plumbing system ages, the pipes may be eaten away by rust and several forms of corrosion. If this is not sorted out early, it will lead to severe piping issues. Therefore, homeowners should always perform a routine inspection on their piping systems. If any warping or discoloration is noticed, a plumber should be hired to assess the damage immediately. Also, homeowners should ensure that old plumbing systems should be replaced. This helps to reduce the risk of corrosion.

Excess Water Pressure

High water pressure in the home or office may feel nice, but when it is excessive or uneven, it can put a strain on the pipes. This is because most pipes and faucets will only withstand specific levels of water pressure. If the water pressure becomes too much, it could cause leaks. Having a professional measure of the water pressure in the home or office can help prevent pipe leaks caused by water pressure. This is a reliable way to prevent problems related to plumbing in Vallejo.

Intruding Tree Roots

Most common water leaks in the home or office often start outside rather than inside. Some could be due to issues like tree roots intruding on water lines. This causes moisture to seep out, causing sinkholes and wet patches in the yard.

Hiring a professional plumber for all plumbing checks and repairs is a good way to avoid constant piping issues. The plumber must be experienced with all plumbing needs, including water heater installation in Vallejo.



July 08, 2022


Ron Burris
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