A toilet is a basic necessity, and problems in it like clogging can create major issues for people. This is why it’s mandatory to repair the toilet as quickly as possible in case of any issue. Some issues can be fixed by simply plunging the toilet bowl. However, if the toilet clogs every now and then, there might be a bigger problem to look into.

Causes of Toilet Plumbing Issues

1.      Plumbing Vents

Plumbing vents can get clogged very easily, which is one of the reasons why both residential and commercial plumbing in Vallejo is so common. The plumbing system depends upon ventilation pipes, allowing the sewer gasses to be released through the space instead of causing pressure to build inside the drain pipes. These pipes also help with cleaning the air incoming from the outside before entering the system, which helps with enhancing the flushing power of the toilet. If the plumbing system is clogged, obstructed, or sealed, then it can create problems with flushing. Companies providing services for plumbing in Vallejo can help in clearing the vents if the problem is severe.


2.      Damaged Sewer Lines

Sewer lines are positioned below the ground, which keeps them protected from snow, rain, and sleet. Nonetheless, tree roots within the ground can cause damage to the sewer lines. There are many companies that provide services for sewer line repairs in Vallejo and can help with cleaning the tree roots. The sewer line may even get compressed or punctured due to the constrictions within the municipal sewer system. Items like rocks, debris, and dirt may even enter, resulting in greater drainage issues.


3.      Not Enough Water in Tank

Pressure needs to be applied in order to remove the waste from the toilet. If the toilet tank is not full of water, it can be difficult to generate enough pressure to clean the bowl. The valve in the tank should also be working efficiently to prevent the tank from filling up.


4.      Partially Blocked S-Trap

There are S-shaped pipes located at the back of the toilet that wind inside the toilet bowl. This pipe is called the S-trap drain, which makes sure the sewer gasses inside the drain pipes do not pass into the homes. In some cases, the S-trap can get clogged, which might result in the toilet clogging as well. Partial blockages may occur even if the main clog is cleared, which might increase the frequency of the clogs.


5.      Poor Septic Systems

A poor septic system may influence the drainage flow and make it difficult to pump the water properly. Depending upon the size of the water tank, a septic tank might have to be cleaned once every one to three years.



Toilet problems can create a lot of hassle for people. From clogged pipes to damaged sewer lines, toilets can stop working efficiently due to a wide range of issues. In addition to plumbing services, there are other companies offering toilet repair services like sewer repairs and water heater installation in Vallejo. Therefore, it’s best to get in touch with an experienced plumbing company to resolve the issues.



November 01, 2022


Ron Burris
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